• Teacher making me dissect!?!?! Answer ASAP please

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    Over a year ago

    Today I learned that my teacher plans to review everything we learned this year. Part of this review is the “fun” activity of dissecting frogs. Immediately after hearing this I asked her if we were required to do this activity. She said we would be working in groups and we were required to do it. I’m very worried because I believe it is terribly wrong to dissect, but if it is required, I don’t want to get a zero for not doing it. I just downloaded online frog dissecting software that I learned about(thanks peta:)), and I plan to put it ona flash drive and show it to her. I was wondering if you guys could help me think of what to say for different scenarios, like if she asks questions or says I have to dissect. My mom supports me entirely and she says that she will take the issue to the principal if she has to, but I just want to know what to say and how to support the topic.Thanks guys, it would be great if you could answer ASAP.

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    Over a year ago

    I’d say that when you’re speaking to her and after you show her the software, if she still doesn’t agree with you that it’s fine not to dissect, simply say that you don’t feel comfortable doing it and if she doesn’t agree yet again, let it go for a bit and speak to your principal. (or have your mom speak with them.) good luck

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