• Tech issue with the website. D:

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    Over a year ago

    This isn’t the hugest problem out there, but for some reason, when I go to my friend requests page, it says that I have sent friend requests to people that added me a long time ago, and I accepted, and are still my friend on the site. And, whenever I accept a new request, it adds that person to my requests as someone who I have sent an unconfirmed friend request to as well.

    Sorry if that was a bit confusing, but has anyone else had that problem? I mean, I can always just ignore it, but if there’s some sort of reason that’s happening, I’d want to know if there was a way I could prevent it.

    Thanks Street Teamers and Peta2 Staff, for taking a bit of time from saving the world to help this little issue. ūüėČ <3

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