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    So, I told my friends about going vegan and they laughed. They’re not being very supportive of me, and are saying I wont even last I week. Only a couple of my friends do support me and are asking for links to sites and saying they’ll become a vegan too. I don’t know what to do about my friends, and they’re making fun of me when I say no to pepporoni pizza or cheez-its! Any tips? ALSO! One of my friends, Skylar, said she’d go vegan too, and we talked about starting an animal rights club, and doing demonstrations, protests, and different things. So, if you have any tips for how to start one, keep it going, make it interesting, and tips for different things we could do, let me know! Thank you all!!

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    Over a year ago


    Congrats on going vegan. It can be a tough choice, but only if you let it be. For your friends who make fun of you try to educate them them, and make them a little more understanding of your lifestyle choice. Earthlings and are some good examples. Make them vegan food and they’ll see there’s more to it than rabbit food. Tofu tacos, kale chips, lentil sloppy joes, are just beginning.

    It’s also great that you got a friend to go vegan with you. This will be especially important since it means you have a support system.

    Finally, about the animal rights group. First step is to find a teacher who would be willing to supervise club activities. Find a couple of members. Go to your principle and ask him to make an announcement about your new club. Make plenty of awesome fliers and put them around the school to spread the word. Tabling, setting up protests, or setting up trips to volunteer at the animal shelter are some great ways to get involved. Finally, for more ideas refer to the Take Action link.

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