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    Over a year ago

    On my holiday to Tenerife, we visited a massive waterpark called ‘Siam Park’. One particular water ride included a slide that went directly through a Shark tank 🙁 Now, this tank was approximately 100 foot long and domed over a river ride. The water was very dark, and gloomy, with bits floating everywhere. I saw several Sharks who seemed only able to swim in set patterns. They couldn’t explore deep waters or swim great distances. This added with the fact that every 20 seconds, someone goes flying through a tube, through the Shark’s horrible habitat made me very sad!
    Also, on the way out, I noticed another tragic vision. Three Seals contained in a shallow and small enclosure, with a small waterfall and tiny rock. I feel that maybe something should be said/done? Could peta get a petition going to send off?

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    Over a year ago

    I have tried the petition before, and for some reason, my computer repeatedly shuts down on it’s site :S
    I’ll give it another go though!
    Check out the Youtube videos of it. It’s quite sad

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