• "The animal activists and PETA don't do enough!"

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    Over a year ago

    Before you get offended at the title, let me explain. Yesterday, I had gotten my boyfriend to sit down and watch the film Earthlings with me. The whole thing. Watching animals suffer in fur farms, the leather industry, the meat industry, medical research, etc. was just so outrageous to him. Now I’ve been educating him about the exploitation animals go through since we first started dating, but this was the first time I sat down with him and showed him footage like this. Anyway, by the time we got to the end of the film he was really upset. He does love animals and he said although he may not go veg he is going to be wiser about where he gets his food and other products along with spreading the word. The reason he said the quote above though was because for him it is so unbelievable that something this horrid can still exist. Just a reminder guys, what we are fighting for is a matter of life and death for so many beings. Don’t stop spreading this message. FREE FOR ALL!

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    Over a year ago

    That is true. We all have to take baby-steps. I admit myself I didn’t get where I am today overnight, but I am determined to get him to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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    Over a year ago

    Have to agree with VeganCaramel that it does seem hypocritical of him to find something so horrible to still exist but would continue to support the atrocities. I do think it is great though that you showed him earthings and that it did provide a bit of an eye opener for him. Continue to encourage him to go vegan!

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    Over a year ago

    He says animal activists don’t do enough and he’s not willing to make the step to go vegan? WE ALL have to be the activists to change things! If someone thinks there’s not enough being done they should do everything they can, obviously!

    We can’t put the responsibility on someone else’s shoulder, as he seems to be doing. When we want people to be “doing enough” those people have to be us.

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