• The National Pork Board thinks that low consumer awareness is a good thing

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    Over a year ago

    The National Pork Board in America recently gave a speech about how the industry treats animals and said “The good news for us is that consumer awareness is low, most people are only concerned about what’s the next iphone”

    Do we need any more proof that the meat industry is a vile practice? At least the pork board aren’t hiding that they don’t care for animals or consumers.

    I did a little reading and found out that the Nation Pork Producer Council told Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey to veto a bill to ban gestation crates – even though 91% of the residents of NJ approve of the bill. Read about it here:
    The meat industry will stop at nothing to keep abusing animals and use backhanded methods of protecting their business interests.

    Please share the info with everyone you can and encourage anyone you know in NJ to write to Chris Christie about his decision. I would even say particularly share with non veggies. I know that a lot of non veggies don’t care for animals but with a 91% approval of banning gestation crates in NJ alone, the fact that Christie was practically bought off should make some people annoyed enough to take notice.

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    Over a year ago

    Can you source the NPB speech where they made that statement please? It’d be useful to have on hand for personal reference. While the commercial meat industry is a nasty business, I don’t want to be making unfounded claims about what they said.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @TeeterDance!

    Thanks for sharing this info. I definitely agree that we need to keep spreading awareness about the abuse that goes on behind closed doors in the meat industry. Sometimes, all it takes is that one viedo, one image, or one statement to really get someone thinking about the truth behind what’s on their plate.

    I usually like to share either, the “Glass Walls” video, or the film “Earthlings” when trying to make the reality of the meat industry more visible to people! Do you know how to access these two videos? Have you seen them yet?


    ~Liz from peta2

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