• the poem call rescued dog

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    Over a year ago

    once i was a lonely dog,
    just looking for a home.
    i had no place to go,
    no one to call my own.
    i wandered up and down the streets,
    in the heat and snow.
    i ate what ever i could find,
    i was always on the go.
    my skin would itch, my feet were sore,
    my body ached with pain.
    and no one would stop to give me a pat
    or gently say my name.
    i never saw a loving glance,
    i was always on the run.
    for the people thought that hurting me ,
    was really lots of fun.
    and one day i heard a voice
    so gentle, kind and sweet
    and arms so soft reached down to me
    and took me off my feet.
    ” no one again will hurt you”
    was whispered to my ear.
    you’ll have a home to call your own
    where you will know no fear
    you’ll be dry and warm
    you’ll have lots to eat
    and rest assured that when you sleep,
    your dreams will be sweet.
    now every night i say a prayer
    thank u for the life i live
    and all you’ve given me.
    but most of all protect the dogs
    in the pound and on the streets
    and send them a rescue person to lift them off their feet.

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    Over a year ago

    this is beautiful <3 thanks for sharing !

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    Over a year ago

    Aww thats so sweet it made me tear up :,)

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