• The Shy Activist

    Profile photo of CarolineS

    Over a year ago

    Is anyone a bit on the shy side?
    >.> About talking, speaking out, or just being active for animal rights
    I know we shouldn’t because they need us and what not.
    But like things like going to an event , or leafleting by myself makes me super nervous.
    I often try to be quiet and not stir up conversations about my vegetarianism..
    I most often feel embarrassed although I know I shouldn’t about my leaflets or plans to go protest or leaflet when it comes to my friends. I’ve only recently started to be more opened about about it.

    How does everyone else feel?

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  • Profile photo of chenli

    Over a year ago

    I’m shy but still do stalls sometimes for a sanctuary when I’m with my friend.

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  • Profile photo of cowisnotaninsult.itsananimal

    Over a year ago

    I have pretty much the same situation, I do like to do
    my personal projects on Animal Rights,
    once, when I was homeschooled, I made my
    mums friend cry with one of my projects on animal rights.
    I just get really short of breath and have a hard
    time talking in front of people but I’m
    getting a lot better, especially when I talk about things
    that I am really passionate about!

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    I have a severe anxiety disorder which often limits my interaction with other people. But I still look fondly back on the times in high school when I spoke up to my fellow students and asked them to get involved, even in small ways.

    And while I might not be any less nervous on the inside, I’m better at projecting my voice and my opinions. So, I think the more you open up about something, the easier it will become, even if you’re just as nervous as before.

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  • Profile photo of Ryandud1

    Over a year ago

    I definitely understand it can be hard to speak out, and go protest. Expecilly if no one you know has the same views on the subject as you do. But that is kind of the point in speaking out. To help others view your beliefs on animal rights. The same way you do. You should definitely atleast try to feel comfortable. When it comes to talking to your friends, and I think thats a good place to start. Thank you though for being the compassionate animal lover you are.

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