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  • Profile photo of Sagojyou

    Over a year ago

    Why am I not surprised? To be honest, too many events are glorified in history.

    Columbus didn’t “discover” America. It was already there to begin with. (they FINALLY fixed this part of the textbook in the elementary schools). Thanksgiving is American holocaust. There are other facts out there about WWII; facts from the loser’s side. Man, America sure likes to make themselves look the best! Glad I’m not one of them!

    I love this post! Good job chenli for finding it!
    I agree; I don’t get why people are more “thankful” around Thanksgiving and “giving” around Christmas. We should always be thankful and giving in life! Not just when it’s the “special holiday time”.

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    I think a lot of people imagine that Thanksgiving is just about being thankful. They never stop to think what they are really thankful for. Yes, their life may be good and worth plenty of thanks, but do they wonder why?

    Our socio-economic standing as people is directly related to the way our ancestors were treated. If you come from a predominantly white anglo-saxon protestant family, you are more likely to be middle or upper class because of how your ancestors benefited from the genocide of indigenous peoples and the theft of their land and livelihood.

    However, if you have such indigenous roots, you are much more likely to be poor. Native subjugation is not an obscure thing that happened millions of years ago. Many people have grandparents or great grandparents who a) lived on reserves, devoid of agricultural ability because of the poor conditions of the land, and b) were forced away from their families in residential schools, meaning that one would have no long lineage to accrue wealth from.

    And when people ignore that this genocide is exactly what they are being “thankful” for, it’s upsetting. Be thankful for your loved ones, your personality, and all you have, but remember where it comes from and who had to die for you to be where you are in society.

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    Thanks for the link chenli.
    I’d like to look at the bright side by pointing out that at least there is a culture in the U.S. that would prefer to rewrite a brutal history into something pleasant & innocent rather than teach children the brutality and attempt to justify it (or, even worse, teach them to take pride in it) … but that bright side is just a bit too clouded by the fact that the U.S. is still ruthlessly murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women & children, and billions of innocent defenseless animals, for no good reason at all.

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  • Profile photo of pinkpig

    Over a year ago

    Holidays are for spending time with friends and family,yes there is evil in the history of it all but no one is celebrating others being hurt,they are celebrating love and family. In my family we are vegans so we do not participate in the genocide of turkeys in any way shape or form. And yes while I do give thanks all year round I am not able to spend time with my family everyday so the holidays are good to take that extra day for those specific reasons. I feel like you are majorly missing the point of the holidays,they are not for evil but for love.

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  • Profile photo of peppermintcherry

    Over a year ago

    Oh believe me, I know how disgusting a nation the US is. I went to Germany for awhile and it really hit home how greedy and wasteful we are as a culture and nation. There’s are lots of us that feel this way, but due to a multitude of reasons, most can’t leave.

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