• The Unfair Gender Generalizations of Not Eating Meat

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    Over a year ago

    “Off the bat, most people would think of a male vegetarian as unmanly or too sensitive, while others would look up to this and see compassion and a clear conscious. Then again, what’s wrong with being sensitive and actually caring about the life of another being? Does our society think this way because of man’s prehistoric biology of being hunters or is it really our culture’s expectations that are being favored?

    And while men have been developed with hunting in their genes, women have been developed with the need to nurture and bear a child. Is this why it seems more women have empathy towards the treatment of animals; the fact that they feel for not only the animal, but the mother’s of these helpless beings? Or, is it that because of a man’s biological need of more calories due to more muscle tone and larger organs that makes him less likely to even consider vegetarianism, even for his health?”

    Check out the blog here:

    I hope this interests some!

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    Over a year ago


    So glad you enjoyed it! :)


    I could imagine so! It’s really sad how gender bias people can be on the whole meat thing. It’s bad enough they don’t consider eating meat bad in the first place!

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    Over a year ago

    One of the male veggies I used to know would get teased but he would argue that he was stronger than his omnivore male friends because he had the will power to quit meat!

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    Over a year ago

    Wow, interesting article ! Thanks for sharing ! :)

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