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    Over a year ago

    Taken from the Winter 2012 Vegetarian Society magazine.

    Lots of different apps for your smartphones 🙂
    iOS = Apple products e.g. iPhones
    Android = Samsung, HTC etc. (Google systems)


    Riverford Veg Recipes
    Spin a wheel to choose three random ingredients then it’ll give you a recipe (A-Z also available)
    Free on iOS

    I’m Hungry: Vegetarian Recipes
    Browse recipes by cuisine category.
    Free on Android

    Whole Foods Market Recipes
    Lots of different ways to browse the recipes e.g. by low sugar, gluten-free, by keyword, ingredient etc.
    Free on iOS

    How to cook everything vegetarian
    Based on the book by Mark Bittman and described as more of an eBook than an app.
    £6.99 on iOS

    *Restaurant Searches*

    Happy Cow Veg Travel Guide
    Based on the popular website so you can search for places to eat on the go.
    £1.99 on iOS
    £1.50 on Android
    Or free if you don’t mind adverts.

    A guide to veg*n restaurants, cafes, accommodation etc.
    Free on iOS
    (not to be confused with a game of the same name)

    *Information/Ingredient Checking*

    Based on Barnivore, a quick way to check if your drink is veg*n.
    Free on Android

    Two lists, one of ingredients that are animal-derived and one of vegan ingredients.
    Free on iOS and Android

    Two lists of companies – those that are cruelty-free and those that aren’t.
    Free on iOS and Android


    Vegetarian Living
    A digital version of the magazine available in shops. You apparently get one free issue with your first purchase.
    £2.99 per issue on iOS or Android

    Cook Vegetarian
    Another digital version of a print magazine.
    Free to download and £2.99 per issue on iOS


    21-Day Vegan Kickstart
    Provides recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 21 days.
    Free on iOS

    Vegan Club
    Italian language recipe book.
    Free on iOS

    Daily Yoga
    Training videos, pictures, guidance, music and more for beginners or experts.
    Free on Android

    The Forager’s Apprentice
    Not just vegetarian but will help you to identify plants that are safe to eat.
    £1.99 on iOS


    The Modernist Vegetarian by Eddie Shepherd
    Only ever released in eBook form.
    Free on iPads only.

    Vegan Food and Cooking by Tony & Yvonne Bishop-Western
    40 recipes and includes lots of colour photos.
    £1.99 on iOS

    If anyone knows of any good apps on Blackberry then let me know as that’s the smartphone I have! Thanks!

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    I’ve found a few on Blackberry but nothing free yet 🙁

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