• This is going to sound so freaking dumb....

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    Over a year ago

    Anyhoo. I don’t identify with sur names any longer. I realized that not taking my boyfriends last name when we get married doesn’t even matter because I have my Dad’s last name. Every last name comes from a patriarchal ideal of ownership that I don’t dig. So I want to change my username here. I am slowly trying to remove my last name from everywhere, eventually (hopefully) legally ridding myself of one.
    I know it sounds bizzare. But since my boyfriend won’t choose a new last name with me for the both of us, I don’t want one.

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    Over a year ago

    I just made a new account. Please delete the old one or de-activate it.
    Forget about the points. I only had like 9500. I can build that up again.

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      Over a year ago

      Glad you managed to make a new account with a name you’re happier with.
      9500 points can get you 10% off at the PETA store, badges or posters you could use to spread the message, or simply choose the ‘donate back’ option, rather than just letting them disappear ūüėČ

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