• This is what's going on in India!

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    Over a year ago


    If we come to rule, we will withdraw the anti-cow-slaughter act.

    -Siddaramaiah (the man with the cap), Indian National Congress

    Don’t give your valuable vote to the one who sacrifices cow for votes.

    -facebook campaigner (text in the yellow background)

    This is what’s happening in India!

    Disclaimer: I’m not posting it because he’s a congressman. To be honest, none of the political parties are good in our state. But this is absolutely ridiculous that he’s ready to withdraw the proposal for such an incredible act just for the sake of votes!

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    Over a year ago

    I’m from Bangalore too.
    This guy is a bloody bastard.
    No,I’m not sorry for the word.

    Karnataka is one of the few states where there is a ban on cow slaughter.
    I do not want it to be gone!

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