• This isn't normal... Is it??

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    Over a year ago

    My boyfriend and I were talking last night. He’s been feeling ill a lot lately, and I have been trying to get him to start eating better – but he’s not moving in with me until next year, and he lives about 30 minutes away, so I can’t really keep an eye on what he’s eating all the time. He’s notorious for eating fast food as often as he can.
    He likes the healthy vegan stuff I make him, but he wont make it himself. He seems to think it would take too much effort… because throwing some tofu in the skillet is more difficult than throwing a couple hot pockets in the microwave? Hmmm…
    We were talking last night, because I just went shopping and got a alot of fruit. I tried multiple times to get him to eat -SOMETHING- with some sort of nutritional value (just wait until I finish my homemade green powder… He’ll never even know when he’s getting doses of healthy stuff), to which he responded “I had a can of pears earlier.”
    A can of pears.
    A CAN of pears. In heavy syrup, no doubt.
    I’m all for canning your own food (gotta prepare for the zombie apocalypse!) but commercially canned fruits are absolutely NOT an adequate replacement for raw fruits.
    Have you ever looked at the nutritional info on a can of fruit?
    There is exactly… 0%. You may as well drink a soda and call it an apple.
    No offense to people who eat canned fruit for the taste – I love me a can of fruit cocktail now and then. But it simply is not a good replacement, or any kind of replacement, for the nutrition you get from raw fruit.
    So I asked him when the last time he had a real raw piece of fruit was.
    He said he wasn’t sure, but it was definitely over a year ago.
    Even when I was a total junk-food-junkie, I still ate fruit almost everyday. I guess it was just how I was raised.

    So then we got on the subject of types of fruit and vegetables.
    And came to the conclusion that he has NEVER tried a raw pear.
    has NEVER tried a raw grapefruit.
    has NEVER tried starfruit (which is sort of understandable, I guess)

    And there is a whole slew of vegetables he doesn’t know if he likes, because he cant remember if he ever tried them. But his general rule of thumb has always been “if its green, I dont like it” which is funny. Because everytime I have made something he was SURE he didn’t like, he ended up loving it.
    This isn’t just his lifestyle now, he was RAISED on total crap.
    So he thinks this is an average, normal lifestyle.
    He thinks it’s normal to eat maybe one piece of fruit a year (were not saying healthy, just normal).
    Normal to never have tried a grapefruit or pear (or cucumber up until last month, which he liked).

    I was raised in the midst of a crazy divided family. And while both sides were totally into junk food, and fast food, and meat and potatoes… both sides were also very casual about fruit being a part of a daily diet. We always had fresh fruit sitting out, and a normal breakfast would be a grapefruit (with brown sugar -.-) or a banana cut up into oatmeal, with the occasional bowl of cereal.
    So to me, daily fruit has always been normal.
    My roommates have always enjoyed fruit.
    Most of the people I know (which really isn’t many, because I generally don’t like people) eat fruit.

    So I guess my question is, what have all of you experienced when it comes to this?
    Does your family eat fruit regularly?

    I don’t want to believe that the average 21 year old man has never tasted a pear before, and “wouldn’t even know how to go about eating it.”

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    Over a year ago

    Psssssh, I rarely eat fruit XD I’m a veggie person,. So fruit-wise, my intake sucks. But I eat a wide variety of vegetables, grains, and beans so I’m good.

    I don’t know what’s “normal” anymore in this world (Kids having an ipad since age 0? Uh, not normal when I was their age!), but people in general don’t eat healthy. So why not make him food when you can and let him be whatever? If he doesn’t have the desire to eat healthy, it’s not going to change him :/

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    Over a year ago

    Unfortunately, I think the situation you explained is very normal. Without question, not the healthiest.. but normal none the less. Eat your fruit, peeps!

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    Over a year ago

    ok, that makes sense. Probably should have heard the whole story before I made that comment, haha.

    And you never know, having a kid and having new kinds of responsibilities make people do things they would have never done otherwise 🙂 Plus this far down the road, you guys will mature 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    (you wouldn’t be the first person to tell me that)
    I don’t know, I think it was just something that came out because we had fought about politics earlier that day. He doesn’t have a problem with me being the way I am, and he loves most of the vegan food I make him. I think he probably misunderstood me when I said “healthy vegan diet” and thought I meant no snacks or junk food ever, until it grows up and moves out.
    Either way, it is waaaay way way down the line. we’re talking like 6-10 years (I’m going to be a proud older mother *nod*) I’m not really worried about it now, but it was pretty frustrating at the time.
    If he wanted the kid to have non-vegan food, that would mean he’d have to go grocery shopping… and that just doesn’t happen. lol
    I appreciate you speaking your mind about the matter 🙂

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  • Profile photo of peppermintcherry

    Over a year ago

    It was the exact same way for me too. Going out to eat, or getting fast food, is a rare treat, well, with the exception of subway. I work full time, so I do not always feel like cooking when I get off of work, frozen vegan food is expensive and most of the time tastes like shit, and it’s right by my house. But I digress, if he considers a vegan diet a ‘crazy liberal diet’ then what does he think of you? I hate to sound like a bitch, but you might want to reconsider this relationship. He doesn’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian, but he should at least be supportive and be willing to at least compromise when it comes to raising a child. I know if I had plans/for some reason have a child, you can bet your ass they’ll be raised vegan.

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