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    Over a year ago

    “The eartip is the universal symbol that an outdoor or free-roaming cat has been fixed. It is done while the cat is under anesthesia, is relatively painless for the cat, and does not significantly alter their beauty. ”

    It allows people not to bother cats again if they are trying to help out and get them fixed in their community if someone has already done that. Plus spaying and neutering all animals, pets or feral cats and strays is important to help stopping over population , but is ear tipping humane?

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    Over a year ago

    @Slayla Actually Ear Tipping is not used for “pet cats” Its only used for feral cats, because no one would know if they are already fixed or not because people just trap them and release them after the surgery, not that they keep them in their house they might live an entirely different neighborhood than the cat or something. Ear tipping is only for cats that no one owns and live on their own. Not domesticated cats that people take responsibility for.

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve never noticed an ear-tipped cat but why exactly are we still doing this? Surely a half-intelligent human being can tell if a cat has already been fixed and that it’s domesticated. If the owner hasn’t given their cat proper identification (metal tag on collar, micro chip between shoulder blades) then that person doesn’t know how to be a responsible cat owner. I’m only speaking of the suburban types as farm cats don’t usually wander from a sizable land source. And if your domestic cat is hanging around the feral cats most of the time, why did they bother getting a cat? I don’t think it’s right to disfigure a cat to account for lazy humans who don’t care.

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