• TJ's Vegan cheese follow-up

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    Over a year ago

    So, I made pizza with it today, and I have to say, it tastes better when it’s cold XDDDDDD
    The texture is just like daiya. It melts better than daiya actually! (I kept increasing the time for the pizza to be done, and the cheese kept spreading and it literally just overflowed the pizza dough lol)

    First bite, it tastes like daiya. Then after that, I started to think that daiya is better (on warm pizza – key phrase here). I went back a few hours later to finish it, and I’m like “OMG It tastes just like daiya!!” It just has to be cold, that’s all XD

    At least that was my impression of this. Would I buy it again? Yes, because more than anything, it’s cheaper than daiya! I can buy two packs of them for the price of one! Who doesn’t want to save money on vegan cheese? If anyone tries it, let me know what you think, and make a reply on this post if you will! 😀

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    Over a year ago

    @Dagmar, I threw the packaging away so I don’t know… But it was really similar to Daiya!

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  • Profile photo of Dagmar

    Over a year ago

    Good to hear. I’ll give it a try. What are the ingredients by the way?

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