• Trader Joe's Part 3: Soy Yogurt!

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    Over a year ago

    Yes, I am officially the person to taste test (new) food at Trader Joe’s and share it on here lol In case you want to hear an opinion before you buy it. 🙂

    So I found TJ’s Soy Yogurt (this was around before, disappeared, and came back with a new design, which I like much more than the previous one). They have strawberry and peach. It’s 6oz/170g (same size as TJ’s coconut yogurt, which is amazing btw), and it’s $0.99, which is a typical price for yogurt, and cheap for a vegan yogurt (because the coconut one is $1.49).

    I tried the strawberry flavor, and I actually like it! Vegan yogurts tend to be too watery/runny (like Whole Soy Co), so I was really surprised with their consistency. It’s not as “dense” as So Delicious’ greek yogurt (which is fairly “dense”), but it’s not so watery that it falls off the spoon. There were a few chunks of strawberries, and I usually feel bloaty after eating Soy Yogurts (like Whole Soy Co), but this one didn’t give me that feeling!

    So looking at different aspects (price, taste, etc), I would give it 10/10! 😀

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