• Trader Joe's Part 5: True Thai Tom Yam Soup!

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    Over a year ago

    Gone to TJs to stock up on food, and I decided to give this a try! 😀

    I don’t really like frozen food because they’re expensive for what they are and I like making my own food, but sometimes it’s good to give things a try! 😀

    This is labeled vegetarian, I read the ingredients list at least five times, and it is vegan 🙂 (still don’t understand why they don’t just put it “vegan”. It says it contains wheat, soy, and coconut. So it’s obviously good enough to be called “vegan”). Preparation is very easy: put the contents in order, put plastic wrap over it, and just microwave it for 4-5 minutes! (I didn’t add all the contests because I didn’t want to; I don’t think it’d make too much of a difference in the taste)

    First, it smells really good! It does smell like Thai soup. Second, it was really tasty!! It was spicy, (but I find a lot of things spicy; I consider those spicy cheetos “spicy”) but it was so good! There were a few pieces of wontons (4-5), and they had vegetable fillings (spinach and mushroom), and they were chewy and tasty! <3
    I poured the soup on brown rice and it made a really good meal!

    I would recommend it to people that like spicy food (obviously), or people who want something easy to make for a meal! XD 10/10 on this one!

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