• Trying to return to vegetarianism.

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    Over a year ago

    A long ago or rather it felt like long ago in truth it has most likely been five to six years. I use vegetarian for six months and then for six months I went to being a vegan but times got rough with money and it seemed so much harder to find vegan options I decided in order to help us out to just go back being vegetarian for another six months before spending a week with my sister that lead to the sad down fall of my rightful thoughts and meat was once again on my plate.
    Alright so I have once again joined back into the Peta2 Street Team and I am in need of some support for I really do not wish for my mother to know I am getting back into being a vegetarian, she thinks it would be a waste of money.
    So at here I am in need of help and no place to turn so could someone give me some ideas for how to keep my secret from her?

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    Over a year ago

    Well you see when my sister still lived with us everything was great. The three of us were all vegetarians and my mother allowed me to even go vegan but then as my sister started to talk about college and moving out of state my mother just seemed to get angry at me for my sister’s choices.
    Mind you my sister also had a beau a state over so she wished to see him more.
    Anyway now things is just myself and my mother, I love my mother truely I do it’s just I think she only wishes to have a say in what I eat as though I am still a child.
    True I am still a child in some people’s eyes and I will always be her child but I do wish to have a say in what I think is better for myself, my well being as well as for animals.

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    Over a year ago

    Welcome back!

    Why don’t you try showing her that being a vegetarian actually costs less? There’s hundreds of studies that prove it, including these:

    The other thing to keep in mind that vegetarianism is only expensive if you buy replacement meat products. Conversely, fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains keeps things cheap. For example, I spend $35 a week on groceries as a vegan.

    Another thing you can do is sit down and talk with her. I know you probably don’t want to, but a lot of time parents nag us because they care. So sit down and explain why you’re a vegetarian and what steps you can take to make it healthy and cheap.

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    Over a year ago

    I agree with vegancaramel. Also, since meat tends to be really expensive you could actual save money.

    Side note: you can get soy milk at the dollarama for $1.00, so no extra cost there

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    Over a year ago

    I feel you I just joined peta 2 again I was a vegan for a while but I was always pressured and made fun of by my family that I just caved in and started to eat meat now ive gotten back to my senses and am back on it and I feel great

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    Over a year ago

    Veganism can be super cheap. If you need advice for talking to your mom, let us know! :)

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