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    Over a year ago

    Okay so I just wanted to make this known. I have loved ugg boots ever since they first came out but I had never known how cruel it was to not buy anymore. Since I love how they look I decided to contact a representative to see if they had any faux fur ones. This was my experience..
    Hello Madeleine, how may I help you today?
    hi i was wondering if you had any faux fur uggs
    Give me one moment to double check for you.
    okay thank you
    You’re welcome Madeleine, I apologize, but unfortunately, all of our products are made with natural sheepskin. At this time we do not offer faux fur products.
    okay how is it that your animals are being treated though.
    Well all of our materials come from the meat industry, so we do not have a hand in how the animals are raised.
    Seeing that they are being raised as a food source, and we don’t permit unethical treatment, it is safe to say that we would not purchase materials from anyone we knew were mistreating their animals.
    Are you still there Madeleine?
    Due to inactivity, this chat will be disconnected in one minute.
    This chat has been disconnected due to inactivity. Thank you for contacting UGG Australia Customer Service and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!
    Chat Session Ended, Goodbye. (5010)

    Guess what? They just lost a costumer.

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    Over a year ago

    Please join me and chat/call them to see if they can make faux fur uggs :)

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    my mom died when I was young, I live with my terrible father. and Now I'm a vegetarian.

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