• UK Cadbury's Oreo Bar = Not Vegetarian

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    Over a year ago

    Before you reach for your next chocolate bar – have you checked if it is vegetarian? Not all treats are equal as some contain non-veggie whey.

    The new Cadbury’s Oreo bar is not vegetarian for example, although after contacting the Vegetarian Society to inform us about this, the good news is that Cadbury’s are now working to change this very soon.

    You can browse Vegsoc Approved treats below:

    Of course, it’d be much easier to just go vegan but I’ve posted the above information for anyone who is still vegetarian.

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  • Profile photo of chenli

    Over a year ago

    Shame cadbury’s can’t just ditch the cruelty product and go the way of nicer dairy free chocolates, using soy or rice milk to make the milky taste.

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