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    Over a year ago

    so what about all the people in the world who get hurt.
    kids getting beat up by their own parents.
    and how is eating meat unhealthy. humans were meant to eat meat. see those sharp teeth in your mouth
    do you know what killer whales do when they hunt?
    they play with the seals before they kill them
    natural cruelty right there.
    personally I love gore.

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    Over a year ago


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    Over a year ago


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    Over a year ago

    😀 It’s GREAT you want to be educated and took the time to register to this sight to learn and ask your questions. ^.^ You should watch this. :]
    It should answer All your questions. It is lengthy. Yet, if you want answers, and I mean truly you are being genuine and not just wasting energy revving up debates and arguments. What’s an hour? :]

    Also, just because we are animal activist doesn’t mean we don’t care about humans, too. :] I actually do ALL sorts of volunteer work. Human and non-human. ^.^ Just the other day I worked with foster kids, made meals for the senior homebound citizens of my community, read to animals, and worked with disabled adults.

    What we do is in no way natural. Whales use no weapons, no cages, no machines.. all these things are man made, not natural. Really watch the video, it answers all your questions and more.

    Have a great day!

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @redrain,

    We, of course, condemn all forms of cruelty, not just against animals. Our organization focuses on animal abuse because abuse against animals is largely ignored by the media and public if it were to go unchecked. 50 BILLION animals are needlessly slaughtered year round for food every year, and most people don’t even consider food a source of cruelty.

    Meat is actually one of the leading causes of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer. There is no nutrient you can’t receive from a plant based diet, and it’s even better because you don’t get all the hormones, cholesterol, saturated fat, antibiotics, and cruelty you get from animal derived products.

    Animals in the wild kill for survival. They don’t go to the grocery store and pay other people to kill for them. Humans eat meat because it is convenient and it tastes good- neither of which is an excuse for cruelty. We don’t need meat to survive, so killing just because we can is wrong. Chickens get their sensitive beaks sliced off, pigs get their testicles and teeth ripped out without pain relief, cows get their horns cut off and are branded with scalding hot irons. This is unacceptable. 🙁

    The good news is that going vegan is easier than ever! Please check out some yummy recipes here:


    ~Sara W. from peta2

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    Over a year ago

    I know. I don’t think it’s wrong to eat meat nor do I think it’s unhealthy for the most part because I of my own views ! But I am glad that we have people willing to give up meat for the sake of animals. I don’t know if your being serious or not, or just trying to get a rise out of the people on this website but, being vegan is a great thing. If you are a veg. & eat right you can be a very healthy person. & I know from experience that you have a better complexion which means no acne smaller pores & my hair is actually really healthy. So being veg. is a win win !! Try it out & you will see for yourself! Go a month !! But I know if you have someone telling you making you feel like you are a bad person for eating meat it can make you rebel & think that they just want to force & not listen and then you think they are no better then anyone b.c of the way they treat you. But there are some good veg’s. out there that understand where you are coming from & won’t judge you & they can be real with you without sounding like a butthole !!! Lol.

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