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    Over a year ago

    so what about all the people in the world who get hurt.
    kids getting beat up by their own parents.
    and how is eating meat unhealthy. humans were meant to eat meat. see those sharp teeth in your mouth
    do you know what killer whales do when they hunt?
    they play with the seals before they kill them
    natural cruelty right there.
    personally I love gore.

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  • Profile photo of chenli

    Over a year ago

    Last video I saw of killer whales hunting seals, they actually killed and ate them. No ‘playing’ involved. Besides, killer whales need meat to survive, we don’t so appeal to nature fails miserably in any attempt to justify the consumption of meat or abuse of animals. Also, just because someone is pro animal rights/welfare doesn’t mean they don’t try to advocate other issues too.

    I support gay rights, women’s rights, animal rights, and so on. We’re not all just a one cause person, y’know.

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    Over a year ago

    troll -_-

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