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    Over a year ago

    Just in case you’re passing through Charlotte, NC anytime soon, I thought I’d post some of my personal favorite places that are veggie friendly!

    1. Ru Sans Sushi – Awesome, amazing, the best sushi ever! Really great veggie options. The menu is so big.

    2. Zada Janes – Amazing sandwich called “The Green Mindmelt” that more blows my mind than melts it. Great veggie burger as well, among other awesome veggie options!

    3. Growlers Pourhouse – Unfortunately not vegan friendly but for vegetarians there is an amazing veggie and goat cheese panini. I suppose you could have them hold the cheese, of course. Moderately priced as well!

    4. The Flying Biscuit – A really eccentric restaurant that has the best roasted potatoes I’ve ever had in my life, among other cruelty free goodness.

    5. Common Market – These guys are the best. They have tofurkey and daiya and everything amazing and wonderful, and they don’t charge too much! Really good hummus and chips as well.

    So if you find yourself around this city, enjoy!

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