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    Over a year ago

    Ive been a vegetarian for a little over a year now and would like to become a vegan but I have a few issues with it. My family isnt exactly wealthy and we cant really afford it. Also my dad thinks its completly unhealthy and unatural to be come a vegan ” because people are omnivores” I think thats a bit close minded. Any advice?

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    Over a year ago

    As long as you don’t rely on convenience foods and faux meat products then it’s actually really cheap to be vegan!

    As others have said, basics like pasta, lentils, beans etc. can all be bought really cheaply (especially if dried and in bulk) so go for it, and good luck!

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    Over a year ago

    This is my current base diet.
    Most days, this is all I eat because I try to put all of my money towards helping animals (usually cat spaying & neutering), but because the cost is so low I can afford to buy other things to eat if I really want to.

    Soy Protein IsolateAmount per day: 57.142g … Cost per day: 1.00
    VitaminsAmount per day: 4 … Cost per day: 0.215
    Calcium CarbonateAmount per day: 2.5g … Cost per day: 0.026
    Fortified white rice … Amount per day: 226g … Cost per day: 0.40
    Flavoring for rice … Cost per day: ~0.10

    Total daily cost: $1.74

    1. Shipping cost for the protein & vitamins brings the total up a bit, but the site has a flat shipping rate of $5.95, so, if you order several months worth of supplies at once, it will add very little to your total daily cost. Tax on the order will be a bigger issue of you’re required to pay it, but even that won’t raise your daily cost very much.
    2. I buy my rice and flavoring from a local budget grocery store.
    3. The soy protein isolate is 87.5% protein which means that you have to consume 57.142g of soy protein isolate to get 50g of protein.
    4. The soy protein isolate also contains some iron, magnesiumn, zinc, and calcium.
    5. 50g of protein is a generic amount that was established with influence from the meat & dairy industry. If you usually don’t do much damage to your body, you probably don’t need 50g. However, unlike animal protein, plant protein will not harm you when you consume excess amounts of it.
    6. The calcium carbonate powder is 40% calcium so you have to consume 2.5g of the powder to get 1g of calcium.
    7. I listed the maximum amounts that I consume. My usual amounts are lower and my actual daily cost is closer to $1.30
    8. My health is excellent.

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  • Profile photo of cberry

    Over a year ago

    Why would money factor in? You’ll be one less person in the family eating cheese, eggs, milk, etc. Like all the mock meats before them, soy cheeses and the like should be used sparingly. The only big difference will be soy milk, and besides being more affordable, it will be easy to show your dad the health benefits. Good luck!

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    Over a year ago

    Oh and by the way what your dad said isn’t true. Humans were made to be herbivores. We develop health problems from eating animal products, such as heart disease and blood clots. Animals like lions don’t get these health problems because they were made to eat meat. Our teeth are flat, not pointy (all herbivores need a pair of canines to munch on apples and other crunchy plants). And actually the type of calcium from milk metabolizes in your body in a way that results in calcium actually being removed from your body, so it is a myth that milk gives you strong bones. Plant based “milk” is so much better– and cruelty free! Just wanted to mention these facts to prove that eating animal products is not good for our bodies– and more importantly– the animals, at all.

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    Over a year ago

    Actually, veganism is cheaper than eating animal products. You can get affordable products like beans, rice, lentils, frozen veggies, etc. and you can go on this website called vegerator (link below) and type in what you have in your kitchen and you’ll get a list of recipes you can make with those ingredients. Also you can go to another website called vegan on a budget (link below) to get some tips and recipes. Hope veganism works for you, it’s worth it 🙂

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