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    Over a year ago

    Hey, I was wondering if there are any vegan cooking schools out there. I went to visit The Art Institute, but they said even if you’re vegetarian/vegan you still have to taste the food you make to make sure its good; I am not going to cook let alone taste any kind of meat. I want to be a vegan chef, so I don’t care about cooking meat or anything, but that’s mainly what cooking schools offer. Please can anyone help me?

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    Over a year ago

    This is what google gave me

    Many, many moons ago I heard of one, but it was very expensive and in San Fransico, if I’m remembering right.

    I would love more than anything to go to culinary school, but for a multitude of reasons(the main one you mentioned above) it’s out, so, I’ve taught myself to cook in a more gourmet vein, I’m not a chef or anything, so if it comes down to it, and you have the drive, you cold teach yourself gourmet cooking, I promise all the techniques they teach you in school can be found online for free

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