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    10 months ago

    so i would want to date someone who is also a vegan. it is a huge part of my life so i don’t think it’s wrong for me to want to date someone with my beliefs. well, my dad says i’m being too picky. it’s not that i hate meat eaters! 😛 it would just be nice to date someone who is also passionate about this. thoughts? any vegans who date non vegans?

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    5 months ago

    I’ve only ever dated meat-eaters. But they each fully supported my beliefs and passions, even when they didn’t have the same priorities as me. =)

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  • Profile photo of alexismyname

    8 months ago

    I have gone both ways. I prefer dating vegans too because my family would not put up with someone who isn’t at the very least a vegetarian. (Neither would I). But if you fall in love with a person, they will, hopefully be accommodating to you. My last girlfriend would eat the occasional dairy or eggs, but never around me and she would brush her teeth before kissing me, and that was fine with me. But someone who’s already a vegan is accepted into my family right away, and I must admit, when I am dating a non-vegan, I always resent them for it. In the same way I would resent someone who didn’t recycle, you know? Everyone is entitled to five non-negotiable when dating, and if a vegan is what we want, than great.

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  • Profile photo of hakred

    9 months ago

    Hey, @TheVegansHaveThePhoneBox. I think it’s important to keep an open mind, but it is ultimately your decision. You’re totally not wrong for wanting to date someone who shares your beliefs. I personally would be open to dating a non vegan.

    If you happen to change your mind, peta2 has shared some great advice on the topic:

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  • Profile photo of rebeccalynne329

    9 months ago

    I’m a vegan and my boyfriend is not. We’ve been together for almost 4 years. He eats vegan food with me and has even got into a habit of cooking it with me. I don’t think it really makes a difference whether or not the person you’re with is vegan, as long as they respect your views then things would go fine.

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  • Profile photo of Sagojyou

    9 months ago

    I agree with @Bluehawaii01 there. You can date someone that’s nonvegan and then can introduce them to all the things that go in farms, make-up companies, and so on. People I dated since going vegetarian and vegan were neither veg before, but my ex went vegan and then converted back to vegetarian, and my current boyfriend is now vegetarian! I’ve led my current boyfriend in a good direction, that when we live together, he will be eating mostly vegan because I’ll be there c: So while I think it’s okay to be picky (I know people are), but also be open too! You don’t know how many people that are open to veg*nism!

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