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    Over a year ago

    Hello! I was wondering if there is any place that has a list of vegan food products, I am not talking about recipes that you have to cook up though. I just want a list of vegan foods you can go to the store for, buy, then go home and eat it without buying a bunch of different products to cook up a dish. I know the obvious things like fruits and veggies, but what else is vegan?

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    Over a year ago

    So, you’re looking for convenience foods? Have fun finding/paying for it. Vegan convenience foods exist, they’re just hard to find and very very pricey in comparison to their non vegan counterparts.
    There’s Go Picnic, they make healthy no refrigeration required lunchables. They have quite a few vegan options, but I’ve only tried 2. The black bean and plantain chip one was gross, and the sunbutter and crackers was AMAZING. But the company changed the brand of cookie in the box, and I can no longer eat it 🙁 (I’m violently allergic to a common gluten free flour)

    There also Annie Chung’s Miso and Udon bowls. Add water and microwave, both super good and easy to find
    Taste of Thai’s Peanut Noodles are awesome too, prepared in the same way as the above bowls.

    Another option is frozen stuff. Amy’s makes an awesome frozen mac and cheese that’s made with daiya and cooked in the microwave, it’s tricky to find but worth it if you do. I know they make a few other vegan dishes, but the only other ones I tried were awful.
    Amy’s as a whole is easy to find and is just heat and serve, and most everything they make is vegan.
    One of my favorite vegan convenience foods are these mini vegetable spring rolls. I can’t remember the name of the brand right now, but when I do, I’ll post it. Walmart carries them, they’re super cheap and restaurant quality, they even come with an abundance of good sweet and sour sauce packets for you to dip everything in.

    But seriously, this crap is expensive and in no way shape or form good for you. If not having the time to cook is the problem, set aside a few hours one day and just make up a ton of stuff that can sit in the fridge and last you through the week, or freeze it and reheat it. This is one of those situations where spending 10$(yes, seriously 10$) and buying yourself a crock pot is a great investment. Throw everything in there, turn it on and go about your day.

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    Over a year ago

    Here’s PETA’s breakfast food list too… 🙂
    Accidentally Vegan Breakfast Foods

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    Over a year ago

    Try this list:

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