• Vegan foods??

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve been vegetarian for four years, and I’ve found it incredibly easy. However, I’m going vegan now, and right now I have barely any food options…
    The combination of being very picky and being vegan kind of leaves me without a lot to choose from. I used to have a lot of the Morning Star meat substitutes, but most of their stuff isn’t vegan. Most of the foods that I regularly ate (you know, besides fruits and vegetables) I can no longer have. Any suggestions for vegan food products (whether they’re substitutes, accidentally vegan, whatever)? Also I can’t cook that well, so complicated recipes are useless to me, ahaha. But any help would be really appreciated (:

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks for the suggestions and links everyone ^.^ This is definitely helpful.

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    Over a year ago

    @7Blair7 Don’t forget to check out our recipes! They’re all super easy: :)
    -Whitney from peta2

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    Over a year ago

    I know that has tons of vegan recipes but that involves cooking (which I’m no good at either!). Being vegetarian, I don’t know of a lot of vegan products, but I know that “Yves” has vegan hot dogs- I think!- and can be found at large grocery stores. Good luck, I’m sorry if I couldn’t help very much. If only my vegan boyfriend had an account :/.

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    Over a year ago

    i’m on the same page! haha
    i like mixing up things in my salads. like today I had lettuce, rice & mushrooms. it was delicious (:

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    Over a year ago

    Also, baked potatoes are easy and can be made in the microwave. Top it off with vegan butter and cooked broccoli. I also like to make baked sweet potatoes- just add vegan butter and brown sugar.

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