• Vegan in College?

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    Over a year ago

    I will be going to college in less than two months. I am a vegetarian but plan on going vegan the day I move into the dorm. Are there any easy and inexpensive ways to stay vegan in college? Thanks! =)

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    Over a year ago

    Know where you can buy/get food on campus and talk to them about veg options. It worked for me, and the people there knew that I was the “vegan kid”! XD

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    Over a year ago

    I suggest you get PETA2’s college cookbook.

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  • Profile photo of TeeterDance

    Over a year ago

    v You have meal plans? In my Uni we provide all our own food.

    Bulk buy staples like rice, pasta, oats, beans at wholesale shops.
    See if anyone else is vegan and plan meal nights where you all chip in and cook together. Usually that creates leftovers which saves cooking the next day :)
    Freeze items like bread to make them last longer.
    Go for veggies and fruits that are in season as they are often the cheapest atm.
    Don’t waste any meals, save what you can’t eat in the freezer.
    Don’t rely too much on takeaways, they soon become expensive and are unhealthy.
    Learn to cook as it is cheaper and you can always control what you put in your food.
    Go shopping just before closing as many places reduce their food at evening times.
    Plan ahead and see what vegan friendly options they have on the campus. If they have none then try and get them to put one in place.

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  • Profile photo of CodyLupardus

    Over a year ago

    “What sucks about living on residence is the meal plans amirite?”
    Yeah. My college just started requiring students who live on campus to have them this year. Although my school is one of the bigger ones, so I’m guessing it will have some stuff, but I don’t think they have a veg*n club or animal rights club and UT Austin probably get most vegans. I have terrible dietary habits, so perhaps “well might as well try stuff since I already paid” will make me try new foods if they offer anything >.<

    I haven't talked to my roommate much yet. But the school didn't do any type of surveys, so it was almost random if you didn't ask to be with someone. So I doubt they are veg*n.

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  • Profile photo of SkyistheLimit4x3

    Over a year ago

    Plan ahead!!!

    Check out the dining hall menus if you can and email your school!

    Pick out recipes that include a lot of the same ingredients and some that don’t need to be in the fridge or freezer because you have limited space!!

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