• Vegans vs. Vending Machines

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    Over a year ago

    Hi all! I’m pretty new to the whole vegan scene and animal rights scene and this is my first board post! Claps for me! *Happy dance* Anywho, back on topic. I’m into my second week as a freshman at high school, and I’ve been bringing my lunch from home. Since I’ve just decided to become a vegan, I don’t want to do the veggie burger thing YET, but I plan on it in the near future. There’s not much I know about vegan lunches so I haven’t started packing lunches yet. I’ve just drinken water and waited to get home to eat. But I was wondering if there was any vegan-friendly snacks in the vending machine. I’m still not sure how to tell if something is cruelty-free and/or vegan friendly, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me some snacks that could possibly be in a vending machine that are. If you can’t think of any, do you have any lunch ideas that are easy? Thanks! 🙂

    OH, and add me? I have like no friends and I’m looking forward to meeting new vegans and vegetarians! And if you have any tips for new vegans, gimmee!

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    Over a year ago

    Concerning what Sagojyou, a lot of chips are vegan but quite a few or not such as sour cream and onion and the ones that contain cheese (as well as the salsa sunchips)

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    Over a year ago

    Google it.
    Chips are vegan.
    But things in vending machines are probably not good for you. Grab an apple or a orange or something healthy.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey there, welcome to the boards. So glad to hear you’ve decided to go vegan!

    You’ve been provided with the link to the accidentally vegan products below (, and I definitely recommend checking that out to find vegan vending machine items. You should also check out peta2’s recipes here: for some great ideas of what to pack for lunch!

    If you have any more questions, we’d love to help answer them for you. 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    I know Lay’s salt and vinegar chips are vegan now. Let’s see. Pretzels are vegan, some of the peanut butter crackers that don’t say cheese, Airheads, and some of the juices are. I try to avoid red dyes because some have Red 40 which may or may not have beetles in it. Still trying to figure that out.

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  • Profile photo of peta2

    Over a year ago

    Hey @carsondean98,

    It’s great that you decided to go vegan! 😀 Check out some accidentally vegan products here: 🙂

    Also, e-mail us at and we’ll help you get a veggie burger (and other yummy vegan foods!) at your school.

    ~Annie from peta2. 🙂

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