• Vegansexual?

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    Over a year ago

    So heres the deal: We all know that dating meat eaters are hard but being completely close-minded to meat eaters seems a little rough sometimes since so many of them are just ignorant to the problems. However over the years i’ve had some major issues with being with meat eaters since AR and ER are such a large part of who I am.

    So I spent some time with a vegan guy and it was AMAZING and thought about this whole idea floating around about being Vegansexual(only dating vegetarians or vegans) but then I met a nice meat eater… I’ve been talking to him him and its been nice but now hes wanting to kiss me and such and lets face it- its not comfortable…

    idk what to do- i feel bad because i do like him but getting physical messes with my morals…

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    Over a year ago

    I’m afraid I can only be vegansexual, I just couldn’t date someone who didn’t care enough about animals not to eat them, we’d clash all the time!

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  • Profile photo of hakred

    Over a year ago

    I felt the same way, once upon a time. & really, it would be great if we lived in an all vegan world.. BUT we don’t.. yet.

    I know the feeling though, you start thinking about what may or may not be stuck in this persons teeth and.. eh. You’re not supporting cruelty to animals by kissing this guy, so if you can get over the aforementioned thought.. I say go for it! :)


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    Over a year ago

    Do you not want to kiss him and such JUST because he’s a meat eater? If you really like him, don’t worry about it. Ive always dated non vegetarians, and its not that bad. I currently live with one, and we make it work. It’s easier that my boyfriend is willing to at least try vegetarian foods and doesn’t tease me about it, even though he’ll never be completely vegetarian. If this guy is understanding of your vegan ways, than i’d say give ’em a smooch(;

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