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    Over a year ago

    Soon, my family and I are hosting a rummage sale in town and I decided it would also be a great way to raise awareness to animal cruelty and being vegan, through an all-vegan cook out! However, I’ve never done something like this so I was hoping to get some good recipes from you guys that are cheap to make, and you can make A LOT of them. Such as bean burgers, or veggie burgers. I want to be able to make them in bulk, yet not spend a whole ton of money just to make them and then not be able to earn back what I spent. All I want to do is earn back the cost of the food and utensils, then I’m aiming to donate the rest to Peta. (: Anyone have any tips or good recipes I could use for this? I was thinking of having a total of 4 different foods.

    P.S. Is there any way I can get free stuff to hand out, like leaflets, posters, stickers, shirts, starter kits, anything?


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