• vegan/vegetarians workout food!!

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    Over a year ago

    hey guys!!!!!!!!! what are a good and healthy vegetarian/vegan post and after workout food???? can somebody with fitness experience help me? please…. thank u

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    Over a year ago

    hakred’s suggestions are spot on…basically you want to do more simple carbs pre-workout for energy, then heavy on proteins post-workout to help rebuild your muscles. Some people eat things like fruit or dates before, and protein smoothies or puddings right after. You have to experiment to see what gives you the most even energy level and digests well. It’s different for everyone. Most important though is to get protein within a half hour after working out so your muscles have something to build on.
    Here’s a really good article…
    And check out No Meat Athlete’s helpful guides…

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    Over a year ago

    I usually just grab a banana, but that might be a little too boring for most.

    I found a website that recommends consuming a bagel with almond butter, hummus, dried fruit & nuts, or a fruit smoothie as a post workout food. I also found this recipe –

    Chocolate Recovery Pudding

    1/4 lb. medium firm tofu (for protein, calcium)
    1 banana (for electrolytes) (hey, look — they threw in a banana! :))
    1/2 pear (for natural sugar)
    1/2 T. hemp oil (for essential fatty acids, omega 3 + omega 6)
    1/2 T. cocoa powder (for natural flavor)
    sprinkle sea salt (for sodium lost in sweat)
    Blend all ingredients together until reaching a consistent texture. I recommend a food processor.

    I hope this helps, @k3vin64.

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