• vegetarian hugs vs. FFA

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    Over a year ago

    I went to my schools homecoming game, y’know, to support my team. I brought my sign and got tons of hugs :3 but I felt discriminated against, kinda. My friends volunteered to help with the ffa buffet thing that was going on… that’s there choice and I can respect that, but after what happened I think they dislike the ffa just as much as me now. We were stopped and questioned by cops. Serious questions, about underage drinking and illegal drugs. They made us follow their pens with our eyes and it was an overall scary experience. I have a weird condition in which my eyes are very sensitive to light, so my pupils are always “crazy” as he called them. that condition also causes slight epileptic tendencies… And the part that made me the most angry, it was a suggested investigation because we were “too happy?” the only people close to them were the ffa group. which means they tried to get us in trouble for these things, even though my friends had stayed with them since after school helping them with their activity. I told the cop it was hug a vegetarian day and held up my sign. in reply he said “maybe its just a protein deficiency, then.” so apparently hugging friends and respecting animals nowadays means you’re either high or drunk. I was really offended, but only said back to him “I drink protein shakes for that” and he let us go because we were obviously clean. afterwards we sat around on a bench for about a half hour trying to calm down, we were all scared to death. We were able to laugh about it later, but you could still see the strain in eachothers faces. To end on a good note, our team won and our homecoming dance is tonight 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    I would be so angry about that. If anything, it speaks volumes about the overall opinion of vegetarianism in your area. I’m sorry that this happened to you, but I shall pass onto you the advice some awesome ass vegans who came into my work a few weeks ago told me, just remember you’re doing something awesome, never let them tell you otherwise and also remember, you’re gonna live longer 🙂

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