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    Over a year ago

    Ive been vegetarian for about 5 months and im only 13. And im the only veg in the house. Ive found myself coming over food mistakes and accidently eating food that has lard or something in it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. Also some foods that are healthy and still taste great. Thanks!

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    Over a year ago

    Well done for going veggie! 🙂

    The tip I give all new vegetarians is this: eat all the same foods but vegetarianise them! Replace the meat with faux substitutes, beans, extra veg etc.
    And definitely check out the links that @alexblue posted 😉

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    Over a year ago

    The easiest way to make sure the food you eat is 100% vegan is to make it yourself. Check out peta2’s superawesome recipes
    and get their cookbook too…superyumful recipes that are really easy!
    Lots of stuff at the grocery store is vegan,
    Look for boxed rice, couscous or quinoa mixes that microwave in like 5 minutes. Add a couple cans of beans and it will make enough for a few days. Get frozen Van’s waffles and eat with peanut butter, or make vegan bagel cheese pizzas…Daiya vegan cheese rocks on anything! 🙂

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