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    OK so i did the veggie burger project and i dont know all the details like the board of ministrations name and stuff. All i know i my principal and vise principal ( which i have the letter to) said they’d send it to the board of ministrations who takes care of that.But they aren’t getting back to me yet. Can i still get the poitns and stuff it says you can get if i send them these details and the letter??
    the letter is

    The Veggie Burger Project
    All students meat eater or not deserve a healthy school lunch. I’m simply asking for more options for vegetarian and vegan students. Reasonable, isn’t it? Veggie burgers contain protein, iron, and fiber but don’t contain cholesterol and saturated fat- both of which are linked to some of the leading cause of death in the U.S., including heart disease, cancer, and strokes. There always comes that time where you forget your lunch. But that means you can just get a school lunch right? Well not for veg’s. It’s always disappointing going up to the lunch line and not being able to eat a filling lunch because everything contains either dairy or meat. And sometimes bringing a lunch isn’t an option, and every student should be provided with a healthy lunch at school. Veggie burgers can benefit all students- not just vegans or vegetarians – and provide a healthy alternative to the normal lunchroom food.
    With the help of Peta, the world’s largest youth animal rights group, here are some food suppliers that offer veggie burgers. Distributors
    A popular distributor with many vegetarian items
    Sysco Foods
    Offers the largest all-vegetarian line, called MoonRose
    I also wanted to talk to you about the salads. When I looked at the salads they all either had meat or cheese in them. I think that the cheese and the meat should come in separate containers, for the students who are vegetarian and vegan or even for someone who is lactose intolerant. I think it’d be a wise decision because it won’t take that much and maybe some people also don’t like the meat on their salad, this allows them to put how much they want on their salad. Thanks you for listening to my Veggie Burger Project and I hope you take it into big consideration.
    – Tori Thomas

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