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    10 months ago

    So I went to warped tour yesterday, and was so excited to go to the peta2 tent. When I got there though, the girl was kind of crabby and rude. I just think it’s crucial that people at these event actually are happy so that more people actually stop or take the stuff from her

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    9 months ago

    Hey, dude, not cool. I had a similar experience at Warped last year, but then I went to Riot Fest and made friends with everyone at the peta2 tent there. One of the girls who was snarky to me at Warped was at Riot Fest and she was super sweet. I learned first hand from other tour crew members how grueling their job is and Warped Tour is THE highest traffic event they do. And they do it Ever. Single. Day for almost 3 months, and at this point they’ve been assembling the tent, talking, answering questions and doing stuff with THOUSANDS of kids, then disassembling the tent and packing up to move on to the next city for almost 2 months. It’s a ton of work and they’re dealing with really bratty teenagers.
    Yes, she shouldn’t have been crabby, but you need to understand what they go through on Warped, or at any festival/tour. It isn’t all sunshine and smiles. It’s a job. And it’s intense.

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    10 months ago

    Hey @emmycolby, can you e-mail me ASAP at RachelleO@peta2.com with more details on what happened, what this person looked like, etc.? We definitely don’t want anyone being rude at Warped Tour. Thank you!

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    10 months ago

    Maybe she’d had a long, tiring day? Maybe she’d just spoken to someone who’s anti-PETA and it upset her? There are lots of reasons she could’ve been crabby but you’re right, when you’re campaigning for animals you need to be upbeat, polite and positive (even if you don’t feel like it inside).

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      10 months ago

      That’s what I’m saying! I guess I was just,hoping they would be like last year. They were so cool which is sad because at the time I was rude to them because I was an animal eater and didn’t care. But literally 3 weeks after warped, I actually went vegetarian! So they need to keep campaigning, if they can convert me to the biggest animal lover/vegetable eater, then so many more can! I just hope you guys keep doing all this forever

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