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    Over a year ago

    I know that downy I think it is.. ? Is the product that plucks feathers out of birds right? Well what about Dawn I saw on TV & the bottle that they save duckilings lives when you purchase that product & they’ve had that going on for a lil while now.. and I was just wondering if that is a good idea to buy? I also saw a tv commerical about it today and they were cleaning a goosling (is what it looked like) from an oil spill or I guess it was with dawn. It was really good commercial so I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about for sure.. ?

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    Over a year ago

    “Downy” is just a brand of fabric softener and dryer sheets. You are thinking of down. Which is the feathers used in things like pillows, blankets and coats.

    On the other hand though Downy (the fabric softener and dryer sheets, which aren’t made with feathers) are owned by Procter & Gamble and P&G does test on animals and I think Downy itself is even tested on animals so it still isn’t a good product to buy.

    Dawn which is a brand of dish soap, dishwashing liquid, and dish detergent is also owned by P&G. I don’t know if Dawn itself is tested on animals but P&G does test on animals. I also know Dawn is donating money to help save wildlife.

    I don’t know if either Downy or Dawn has animal products in it either I would doubt it but I could be wrong.

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