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    Over a year ago

    i went to busch gardens over spring break. I was not impressed. I saw multiple scenes of zoochosis and other distress symptoms. Jack Hanna’s show animals in a white walled and floored room with no attempt of a natural environment at all. There was a great diversity of animals in one cell. None of the animals would even be in the same ecosystem in the wild. There was an anteater in a lowered enclosure that was clearly insane, as it walked in the path in the grass that it had reduced to a dirt trail in a figure eight. The Hedgehog in Jack Hanna’s exhibit prison cell pacing as a worried parent would in an ER waiting room. I was not happy. It is ridiculous that they think that they are helping these animals. Maybe they are temporarily but they deserve to live their lives in the wild. If they die because of whatever ailment or injury affecting them, then that is the way of nature.

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