• What fruit/vegetable do you hate?

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    Over a year ago

    A lot of people tend to assume that vegans are super obsessed with every type of fruit and vegetable out there, that we all love salad, eat basically half a garden everyday, and would choose a carrot over a vegan corndog in a heartbeat (this is thanks to dieters perpetuating the myth that veganism is a diet / done mainly to lose weight!)

    Even if we’re the opposite of picky, we’ve all got that one fruit or vegetable that we’ll never be able to stomach, no matter how many ways it is prepared. What’s yours, and why?

    I can’t deal with pears, avocados, or brussels sprouts. It’s the mushy texture and bland greenishness that gets to me 😡 I’d probably eat a lot more vegan sushi if most of it didn’t have avocado.

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    Over a year ago

    I genuinely enjoy almost all fruits and veggies, with the exception of iceberg lettuce…which is okay, I guess, since it’s void of nutritional value. I used to hate peas as a child, but my tastebuds have adapted and I now like them. :)

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    Over a year ago

    Eggplant is all sorts of nasty and so is squash. I really have tried to like them, but it’s a no go. I like the taste of bell peppers, but the texture doesn’t match so it makes them difficult to eat.

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