• What to do About Dangeous Stray Dogs?

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    Over a year ago

    Ugh, I hate this.

    I am an avid horse rider as I’ve stated before. I live in the country. In this area, people apparently do not care about their pets.

    We have a HUGE stray dog problem in this area. Everything from packs of chihuahuas to packs of big dogs (rotts, GSF, dobbies, pits, etc).

    Now the pack of barking chihuahuas are more annoying than dangerous. But I have had large dogs take interest in my horse while riding around the block, down the country roads, back trails, etc. A pit-mix has gotten 5 feet from my horse. Understandably, this makes him uneasy. I am scared that a dog or pack will get so bold that it will frighten my horse to the point he bolts or that either one of us gets attacked.

    I have called animal control. I have called the humane society in the next town over (this town doesn’t have one, only animal control). No action from either.

    Someone has recommended that I start carrying a handgun. I LOVE dogs. I don’t know how I feel about killing one, however I fear for the safety of MY horse and myself.

    What should I do? Please help. I want my freedom and do not want to stop riding my normal route. However the dogs are really becoming an issue.

    Any advice? I am trying to live a humane lifestyle. Shooting dogs doesn’t sit well with me but I am getting a little scared.

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