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    Over a year ago

    First off, let me say I’ve been a member of the street team for as long as I can remember, so I am far from being a newb. (: Just saying. But, I do feel like this question belongs here more than any other section. So here goes nothing.
    I’ve been vegetarian a few times in the past, but have never lasted more than a month. The first time I lasted a month, the second time I lasted a week, the third time I lasted three weeks, and the most recent time I lasted a month. I logged into the peta website a couple days ago after not logging in for quite a while and suddenly I feel the urge to go vegetarian yet again. I can’t tell my parents because they won’t support me at all because of my failed attempts in the past. But i’m wondering, was my failed attempts a sign that the meat-eaters life was a life I was doomed to live or is it possible that I can commit to a vegetarian lifestyle for good??

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @RachelLynneE,

    I went “vegetarian” like 3 times before actually sticking with it and going vegan when I was 15! Nobody’s doomed to support the slaughter of animals, all you need to do is jump back on the bandwagon. 😀 Check out our super easy recipes here: and our vegan infographic:

    Oh, we also have a guide to help you talk to your parents about going vegan: You can also ask them to check out so that they see with their own eyes what happens to animals and why going vegan is such an important thing for you.

    Let me know how that goes! And remember that we’re always here to help. 😀

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    I know lots of vegans that had false starts but one day it just kinda sticks. Try not to think of it as a huge life commitment that you have to do perfectly. Just take it day by day and think of all those beautiful, thinking, feeling lambs and calves and piglets and chicks and fishies that you’ll be saving! 🙂

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  • Profile photo of hakred

    Over a year ago

    My sister attempted several times to be a vegetarian before she had success. You have to really stick with it!

    BTW – my sister has now been a vegan for over a year! You can do it. 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    I’m not the best person to ask because I never liked the taste of meat, but I agree with JaskiranGulria. It is a matter of taste, not personal beliefs. You have to decide which is more important to you – no matter the support you may or may not receive from every one else. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.” As far as the taste goes, tastes will change. I don’t even remember how meat tastes anymore. And I’m quite alright with that.

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  • Profile photo of JaskiranGulria

    Over a year ago

    I feel thats a call of your taste buds and not moral grounds. Veggie stuff tastes great if made in right style. Once you’ll have super tempting veggie food you won’t feel like switching over back non-veg diet. Trust me on that, i love what i eat, i think that is the baseline reason i survived vegetarian diet from past 3 years and ofcourse thanks to all horrid stuff i witnessed on PETA’s site totally took me off the non-veg diet. 🙂

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