• What to do when people attack you (figuratively) for your choices?

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    Over a year ago

    As soon as the topic of my vegetarianism, not going to zoos or aquatic parks etc comes up, people get somewhat defensive (?) and sort of freak out at me explaining all the ways that animals are well taken care of and that using them to benefit humans is acceptable. I defend myself, giving them information, and never let them get a rise out of me, but lately it is really difficult because I am getting lectured everyday about the “great” way Seaworld animals must are treated and that animals are “ours” to do whatever we want with and that I have no idea what I’m doing because I’m young. Do people do this to you too? If so, what do you do when this happens (I sort of stare at them, trying to get words in edgewise but they never give me the chance)?

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @emily0015!
    I just got “attacked” this morning at my friends house. She told her dad I was vegan and I can’t have gluten, and he had made meaty burritos. And I wasn’t hungry either, so I just didn’t eat any. But then he started to insult me by saying, ” Well if you don’t eat meat, you just probably can’t eat anything.” “Oh, then I guess I’ll have to put in extra work to make you a salad.” and, “What do you even eat for breakfast?” Even though it sounds nerdy, those words in the tone of his voice really hurt me, and my friend and everyone else who was over felt bad for me. I tried to tell him why I don’t eat animal products or meat, but he simply ignored me. Some people are too confident or one-sided that they just don’t want to hear about it because it’s not what they believe. But I remind myself why I’m doing this, and just let those insults pass, and keep telling them about cruel animal labors and etc. When their mean, just tell them a fact. They can’t argue with facts! Or keep PETA leaflets handy and say, hey, read this. You might just stump them!

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    Over a year ago

    I believe it is because they know the cruelties, but don’t wanna believe that the world would do that to innocent lives. Then they get defensive and attack you to keep the fantasy world alive. When these kind of people “attack” you, (don’t look upset don’t let them know they are hurting you) all you can do is kill them with kindness and show them how amazing and compassionate of a person you are! Good Luck!!! (and yes unfortunately this happens to a lot of people:'( it is because people are not tolerant and nice like they use to be. they are selfish and “me me me me”)

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    Over a year ago

    All the time! I usually let them go on and when they’re finished I just say “Ok, that’s your view but I disagree with everything you just said. Animals are not ours to use for food, clothing or entertainment” and then try to leave! (Unless I know they’re actually interested in my views and learning the truth).

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