• What type of juicer/blender do you use?

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    Over a year ago

    I’m saving up to get a new juicer and blender.
    I got my current blender for free from an auction – it’s baby-poop green and from about the 70’s. I love it, but it broke a few weeks ago -.- so I’ve been using a knock-off magic bullet I got from Big Lots for like $13, but I really prefer a full size blender. I would LOVE to get a vitamix, but that just isn’t realistic for me right now -.-
    The juicer I use is probably from the 90’s, one of the basic first models from when they first started getting popular. Picked it up from a garage sale for $3, and it’s ok – I’d really just like one that is a bit better quality – there is still ALOT of juice left in the pulp in this one, sometimes I run the pulp through two or three times just to get the extra juice out. I’d like to get an omega masticating juicer, but again… price range isn’t realistic for me right now lol.

    What are you experiences with blenders and juicers?

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