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    Over a year ago

    If you were tabling at an event about the cruelty in the dairy industry, what would you do to catch someone’s eye / make someone want to stop and look? Would you have a catchy slogan? A certain design or layout with your materials? Maybe a mascot, or a video playing?

    I think one of the things I would do would be hand out samples of chocolate soy, almond, or hemp milk – or be selling dairy free ice cream! And a video booth for someone to step in if they wanted to see for their own eyes the cruelty that is permitted with dairy (I wouldn’t put the video out in the open though, I would want the facts to come through what I’m saying before they saw the gore, mostly so they could make an informed opinion rather than brushing it off as “scare tactics”).

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    Over a year ago

    I remember dressing up as a cow once to attract people to a non dairy stall. It was fun (apart from this one group of kids rugby tackling me at one point lol) and it bought in masses of attention, we sold out all the dairy free items we had and ran out of all samples. On another vegan stall I had my chick toy and that attracted the kids over, which in turn attracted the parents over. The one woman got so upset at the literature (that was moderately safe reading, I think she just never knew what went on behind the scenes) that she pledged to drop meat and even tried to give us a donation. We told her to donate to her local sanctuary instead, hopefully she stuck to non meat ways ^^

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