• What's up with all these holidays?

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    Over a year ago

    So why do you actually celebrate holidays such as Valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, etc?

    I don’t see the point in it as using Valentines day as an example if you loved someone then surely you don’t a day to make that known? It’s just a day all the card companies get loadsa money from. It’s pointless really since you don’t need a day to show that you love someone or you love your parents, you should be doing that everyday and not because it’s marked on a calendar and because all the shops say you should so that they get more money.

    Anyone agree with me here? Or just why do you feel the need to celebrate something on a certain day if there’s no religious belief or historical significance behind it?

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  • Profile photo of pinkpig

    Over a year ago

    I personally love to have certain days to make my family members feel special! Sure I should do that everyday and I try to,but life can be so busy so sometimes its nice to have a day to remind you to slow down and appreciate your friends,family,ect. I am not able to spend time with the people in my life very often so for me,holidays are enjoyable. I can understand why you feel the way you do but I just don’t completely agree.

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    Your view is a sane one.
    It’s simply a matter of people doing what they were trained to do.
    You and I were born into a society which produces people who have trouble genuinely question the things they’ve been trained to do.
    This is the primary reason that animals are still being abused, tortured, murdered and consumed by humans.
    Unfortunately, free thinkers are still a minority group (though a rapidly growing minority group).

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  • Profile photo of CarolineS

    Over a year ago

    I just like the atmospheres mostly. I just gave up thanksgiving 😛
    I spent it alone in my dorm XD
    Because I really don’t appreciate the slaughter that occurs so people can gorge themselves of excess food while others are cold and hungry.. plus thanksgiving was never cool. -_-
    If anything I’m thankful everyday and this day just made me the total opposite as all i could think of was the excess of pain caused and the way people happily ate turkeys… :/ and ham.

    I feel obligated to celebrate holidays. If you don’t tell your mother happy mothers day -_- she feels you don’t love her. Its all silly, true. But I love Christmas because I like wrapping gifts. :] I like making people things though. It’s more of a celebration of the end of the year. of winter. of giving , I make cards too. So it’s not about money. I just like lights and color XD

    But i totally understand your POV

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  • Profile photo of chenli

    Over a year ago

    I don’t celebrate anything but birthdays, and christmas – feel bad if I get presents and don’t give back. I’d rather not have christmas at all. Valentines, just card and probably a small present. Oh, and my anniversary with my fiance I celebrate too. 3 years engagement so far.

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  • Profile photo of trae93

    Over a year ago

    I personally hate holidays. I don’t celebrate anything but my birthday. 🙂

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