• Whats your favorite part...

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    Over a year ago

    Of being Vegetarian or Vegan?

    For me I’ll have to give ya’ll a tiny bit of back ground.
    I am 22 and have been a vegetarian for toughly 6 years, before that off and on since I was 8.
    I work in a drug store that sells alcoholic beverages. I constantly have customers whom have never been rang up by me before ask me if I was old enough to sell to them. When I respond with yes they usually look skeptical, and I have even been asked why I was working and not in school, ha ha.
    Apparently because of my 6 year diet the aging process somewhat stopped for me, either that or genetics (my dads side looks a lot younger then their actual ages) or its a factor of both.
    I always get comments about how cheerful and full of energy I am.
    I have told a few of them that I was a vegetarian and some of them (espeically the older set) will shrug and go darn with I had thought of that. LOL.

    I would have to say though I love the mass amounts of energy that I have through out the day (I’m a rare morning person.) And most of my between meal snacks are either veg*friendly protein bars or a trail mix of nuts and fruit.

    Plus a mass amount of my family is extremely supportive and my boyfriend (technically finance) is as well. To the point if I make a large portion of vegetarian or vegan food they’ll usually try it, my mom even more so because she watches her carbs and loves that she can eat more than her usual food choices.

    Ok not so tiny but I’m sure you get the picture lol.

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    Over a year ago

    is that its healthy for u and there many diff types of food for u to eat with out meat in it

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    Over a year ago

    My favorite part is the doorway it opened to so many food options. I’m a lot more open minded about what I eat now and have tried so many ethnic dishes and food combinations that I would have thought only a madman would eat that turned out to be delicious. I used to be terrified of water chestnuts so I never tried them. I got veggie lo mein one day and realized that the amazing part I was eating was a water chestnut. Eating is definitely more enjoyable because I’m not dependent on a few select ingredients and get to be more creative.

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