• Who Gets To Support PETA? Am I A Hypocrite?

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    Over a year ago

    So I have been a pescetarian / vegetarian for maybe a year and a half now, and not that long ago I joined Peta2. One of my teachers was actually making fun of Peta2 and was talking to one of my classmates about how cows are dumb creatures and have no feelings, “Well, you can go ahead and TRY to make a difference and go join PETA if you have a problem with it.” After hearing this, even though he wasn’t directly speaking to me, I felt offended and so then joined this site! I come from a very SMALL school and know pretty much everyone. I can gurantee that I am the only person who is vegetarian and who thinks that PETA is a good thing! BUT, I’m not %100 agreeing on the vegan side of things. What I believe is this: I know that we are not carnivores. So that leaves omnivores and herbivores. So which one is correct?? Many argure one side or the other. But, I actually think it’s quite healthy to have a little bit fish, eggs, and dairy not as often, and in moderation. And, as for people eating meat, it’s their life and I think they have a choice but in my opinion I think people should farm raise their own animals to eat and not mass produce in factories. That’s where I like to stand up and say it’s wrong! I hate pretty much ALL mass production foods, and I think people should just grow their own food at home. With all of this being said, I still want to help support Peta, but don’t want to be labeled as a hypocrite. I feel like I’m almost a borderline supporter and need to hear some opinions! I stand for the right and ethnical treatment of animals, but I also feel that people have the right to go out and hunt for themselves or raise their own food, as long as it’s done respectful, ethnically, and they don’t waste the animal. Any opinions about this?

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    Over a year ago

    @NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem There have been countless societies that have had no problem with eating meat. True, there are certain laws that people tend to universally stick to -no murdering, stealing, etc- but animals have been used as resources by countless societies. Who are you to say now that this is morally wrong? Many, many people disagree with you who are most assuredly not psychopathic.

    You cannot say, ‘Using animals is wrong.’ You may hold that belief personally, but you cannot call it an undeniable moral truth.

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    Over a year ago

    Yeah, well than what about the cows that feel no pain when they die ? So what do you think about that wrong or right … If I could have it my way no animal would get hurt but if you are going to tell someone they are wrong for eating meat they will tell you that your wrong.

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    Over a year ago

    @NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem I guess you’re right about the laws, but unfourtunately there aren’t any laws about going vegan! I got a little offended a few days ago because someone thought I ate grass -_- .. lol We don’t eat grass!! But even if laws are forced on people, there will still be those few that break the law to satisfy themselves. Some people just will never listen or understand even if you try!

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    Over a year ago


    “yeah that is your opinion you say that because of your feelings about it & that’s it”

    Empathy, pain and suffering are at the core of what we humans use to determine what is and isn’t fundamentally wrong.

    It’s possible for humans to lose (or somewhat lose) their ability to empathize as a result of a prenatal brain disorder or certain life events, such as being a victim of pain & suffering (children abused by their parents is a common example) or being pressured into causing the pain & suffering of another (children who who grew up around hunting or animal slaughter are a common example).

    We often refer to these people as psychopaths/sociopaths (or borderline psychopaths/sociopaths).

    I know that you, personally, still have the ability to recognize what is fundamentally wrong because I’ve seen your concern about vivisection. Your mind is just still in the process of opening up. You’re still in the process of questioning what you were taught during upbringing. Soon, I think you’ll be fully reconnected with your ability to recognize what is and isn’t fundamentally wrong.

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    Over a year ago


    “but we can’t force our views on other people”
    We already do.
    We already have strong laws against the unnecessary murder of humans.
    Soon, we will have strong laws against the unnecessary murder of animals as well.
    (We already have laws against the murder of animals in many situations and those laws continue to expand.)

    Those who were in favor of slavery didn’t want those against slavery forcing their views on them, but, in the end, that’s exactly what happened and slavery was brought to an end as a result.
    For those who cannot (or will not) refrain from doing wrong on their own, we, as an ever-advancing society, often create laws to force them to refrain from doing wrong.

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