• Who in here agrees that rescued or adopted pets are the best?

    Profile photo of EnchantedBeginnings

    Over a year ago

    I can not say more then this, I love my rescued and adopted pets more then the ones that are given!
    My companion Simon is my bestest companion, you will see he is my new avatar.

    Yes he has one eye but that means just more to love and more trouble he can get into.
    Post below of what makes your companions so enjoyable.

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    Between my mom and myself, we have a total of 15 cats. Most were rescued or born of pregnant rescues. Some were simply given to us by people who couldn’t keep their cats anymore. Since I was little, we’ve had many cats come and go from both scenarios, and have every personality you could possibly imagine. We treat them all with the same love and respect they deserve. I’ve had all 5 of my cats since they were kittens. They are all different ages, except one set of brothers. 2 are very affectionate, one is skiddish, one is indifferent, and one is a total asshole, but I raised them all the same way. The set of brothers I got at the same time are polar opposites.
    They have different personalities just like humans.
    Last year, my Mom took in an older cat that had been roaming the streets for quite some time. She was malnourished and had a horrible sinus infection. We got her all fixed up and healthy, keep her inside in the warm, hold her often and pet her as long as she’ll let us… but she is still indifferent to everything.

    So while I do agree that it is best to rescue or adopt… where the animal came from has very little to do with what I think of them, or how I expect them to act. I will love them and care for them just the same.
    While one of my cats is a huge jerk, I know it had nothing to do with where he came from or how he was raised. That is simply his personality, and I love him just as much as the others.

    I’m more judgmental of where humans came from and how they were raised than I am of animals.
    Which probably explains why I have far more animal friends than human friends.

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  • Profile photo of EnchantedBeginnings

    Over a year ago

    Adopted or rescued animals seem more greatful to get the attention, they are always wanting to be around you while cats that are given are just so…. I don’t… mean? Unhappy? Like they think they deserve better?

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  • Profile photo of cberry

    Over a year ago


    Rescue animals mean you didn’t pay for cruelty, and my kitties are some of the sweetest animals in the world (I might be biased)

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  • Profile photo of EnchantedBeginnings

    Over a year ago

    I know when my uncle first brought Simon to me that the poor kitten was so little, toothless, covered with fleas and dirt.From his first bath to his first bottle my mother knew he would be mine and we wouldn’t give him away.

    I have a cat named Icky who I found last summer in some bushes after someone had tossed him out of a moving car, he to was to young to be without his mother so once again it was time to bottle feed.
    Icky isn’t really the type to want to get close to you unless it is to bite you, he shows tought love.

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    I agree with @Styna, I love all animals.
    However I do also agree with @EnchantedBeginnings because adopted/rescued companion animals always show such progress (from the scared/agressive animal they once were to a bundle of love) that it makes me feel so proud to be their mummy!

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